About Us

    Silk Avenue has a reputation for having 100% pure Thai silk fabric manufactured in Thailand. A well-trained staff of nearly 200 together with the application of new technology has enabled Silk Avenue to produce beautiful silk and distribute it to our customers throughout the world.

    Our factory is located in The Ban Phai district, about 500 kms northeast of Bangkok and in the heart of Thailand's main silk producing area. Generations of the local villagers have produced Ikat (tie-and-dye) style silk, known locally as ‘matmee’. An important part of Silk Avenue’s mission is to maintain and develop the farmers’ skills and designs. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen the identity and charm of northeastern culture and local products.

    To achieve this, Silk Avenue is working with the farmers to identify, develop and make available the most appropriate technology for their workmanship.

    With prestige and pride, Silk Avenue is continuing to serve people by marketing these beautiful handloom thai silk to strike it pleasure.